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Skate-A-Thon Youth Fundraiser for United Way
January 1, 2011
12 00 p.m.
RollerCave Skating Rink

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We were founded in 1988 as a direct result of a community raising its voice and collectively responding to its own need. We are a United Way Agency dedicated to providing low income families with affordable out of school enrichment programming for their children. KYC is located at 4186 North Broadway Avenue and has been providing youth services from this location since2000. The Center has had a very successful rack record of empowering "high risk" youth with decision-making tools needed to become productive adults.

The mission of Kaleidoscope Youth Center is to sustain a community partnership which provides a neighborhood-supported safe place for youth. Kaleidoscope offers hope and guidance through enrichment programs, conflict resolution, educational support, and recreational activities. Our goal is to encourage self-discipline, self esteem, and community spirit. Currently, KYC provides after school programming five days a week and summer day camp. Our programming not only provides youth with a structured environment to learn and have fun, it also provides parents (86% single parents) with access to affordable and safe out of school enrichment programming for their children.

During the summer months, Kaleidoscope Youth Center provides youth with academic enrichment programming, college/career exploration programming, prevention, fitness and nutrition sessions, conflict resolution training, life skills development, and a variety of fun recreational activities. Additionally, our youth will receive youth receive a nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snack.

In 2010, Kaleidoscope provided enrichment programming to 216 unduplicated youth between the ages of 5 and 14. Enrollment continues to increase, and 90 percent of our participants attend programming on a regular basis. The report cards of 75-percent of our participants show an increase in grade point average of a letter grade or better.

4186 North Broadway Street    Indianapolis, Indiana 46205
P: 317.921.1040   F: 317.921.1046